Krish is afraid of hugging Anushka, for?

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Jagarlamudi Krish, the young director who shot to fame with his debut venture Gamyam and then Vedam was in wrong news for quite some time in connection with Anushka. The main reason for such gossips was, he hugs Anushka tightly whenever he meets her in public functions, without even bothering about the media glitter around.


But Krish condemned all sorts of gossips on him in connection with Anushka. Moreover, these days he is keeping Anushka away as per sources. The reason is not because of ‘link’ gossips, but for the fear of unnecessary IT raids and nuisance.


It is known that Anushka was targeted by IT people. Whenever they wish to raid on Nagarjuna, they also carry that in Anushka’s place, knowing that she is good friend to Akkineni family. If Krish is also discussed in big way in connection with Anushka, then it is obvious even he will be targeted by IT people. So, to avoid such unforeseen and unwanted scenes, it is said that, Krish is keeping away from Anushka, at least from the eyes of public.

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